Thursday, June 11, 2009

I’m baaa-aaack

I know you are thinking the prodigal daughter has returned. Let’s just say I’m finally ready to get a hold of this weight problem.

So I’ve decided to start a diet. *insert eye roll here* I know, I know. We shouldn’t go on diets, but we should make a life changes blah, blah, blah. But when you have as much weight to lose as I do, you need to at least START with a diet.

So after much study, I’ve found one that I think will work for me, the ‘Scarsdale Medical Diet’. You might have heard of it, it’s been around since the 70’s I believe -yet I hadn’t heard of it until recently.

You follow a strict (and might I add it’s not that strict as far as diets go) diet for two weeks, and then go on a ‘Keeping Trim’ version of the diet for two more weeks, where you get to add things back into your diet like milk and cheese.

So you keep on that cycle -two on two off (sort of) until you loose all the weight you want. And in my reading, I have found that this 'two on two off method' is more effective than to stay on a strict diet for the whole four weeks, and you won’t loose muscle mass like you would on a fad/extreme diet, and you keep your metabolism up!

Then after you get to your goal weight, you should have implemented the healthy eating into your diet, so you HAVE made a life change and are making better food choices. Then for maintenance, you weigh yourself every day or close to, and if you gain 4lbs go back on the SMD until you have lost those 4lbs. Then you won’t ever gain that weight back, therefore no more yo-yo-ing!! (Which is the ultimate goal right??)

I know all diets aren’t for everyone, but I think this is totally something that I can do! Oh, and I’ve already lost 4lbs (which is probably water weight, but lbs are lbs, right!!)

Well, I’m going to post before and after pics, because a friend of mine did it on her blog, and I agree that a little humiliation is healthy. But I’m not going to do that until I’ve lost more. Same with my beginning weight I’ll just tell you that I’ve lost 4lbs (for now).

Wish me luck and good luck to you all too!!


Thursday, April 16, 2009


I just wanted to publicly say goodbye to the 5 pounds I lost last week. I will not miss them. They are not my last 5 pounds by a long shot, but still 5 pounds is like a little victory for me. :) Especially since I had jumped off the bandwagon. I'm totally back on now and I've been doing fairly well! yay me.
K, I'm done with my gloating. Now, back to reality and hard work.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moving On

"Dear Plus-Size Clothing Store,
I'm sorry, but it's over between us. I realize that we've had a long and complex relationship throughout the years, and although you've seen me through many (size) changes, I feel it's for the best that we make a clean break.
For far too long, I've relied on you to outfit me for any occasion. I think my dependence upon you was born out of comfort -- I knew that I could always find something that would fit me, and for a time, it really didn't matter what that was.
Those times are over now. My closet is full of your fashions in every possible size. The things I have currently will be more than sufficient to sustain me through my weight loss, and I simply cannot justify spending any more money on clothing (especially when I have no intention of fitting into it a month or so later!)
Instead, I will be saving my money so that I can go on a *major* shopping spree once I hit my goal weight! Until then, I will wear what I have, and if I really truly *need* something, then I will buy it at a "regular" store.
It's been a good long run, but it's time for me to move on

I couldn't have said it any better.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let Me Be Honest...

...Yes, I've starting a running program and have given myself a goal of the 5K in April. But, I have a confession. Last Saturday I met with a Nurse Practitioner to get a prescription for HcG and a diet protocol to follow. I need help with this weight loss and I don't have to do it alone!

I started the injections Monday, so today is Day 3. Monday and Tuesday I was to eat normally but eat foods high in fat (chocolate, fried foods, bacon, etc) to get the body into 'fat burning' mode. I had a few candy bars and pieces of chocolate that I had found stashed. After stuffing my face with scones, hamburgers, onion rings, fries, and chocolate, I honestly have little desire to eat anything else for the next week! I won't say my chocolate craving is totally gone. I think it's knowing I won't be able to have any for the next few months that leaves me nervous, but it doesn't have a pull on my right now.

A cousin of mine did this protocol and was not only successful, but encouraging as well. She told me she had more energy than she has had in a very long time and she doesn't feel hungry. The HcG makes the body use the stored fat as energy. Those were things I needed to hear. The more research I did, the more I was convinced this is safe and worth the effort.

So, Day 3. I'm not hungry. I have no desire to snack on anything. I just got back from running for the morning, and I feel great. I need to take a shower then I'll start straightening the apartment. If anyone has questions about this HcG stuff, feel free to email me at and I can give you information for the clinic in Amercian Fork, UT. Their prices are very reasonable!! :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I signed myself and my husband up to run the 5K at the SLC marathon in April. :) I need the motivation, plus the proceeds go to the Huntsman Cancer Hospital. That's why D's running. Wish us luck!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New year... new goal??

So it's a New Year, do I have a new goal? No, not really. I still want to be healthier and of course skinnier. I've been working out & eating better. I fell off the band wagon for a bit, I haven't gained, but haven't lost either. I'm finding my groove again. yay! My girls are loving doing yoga & other workouts with me & that helps! Good luck to you all! I'm glad we're in this together!

New Year, New Me

Yes, it's been a while. Thanks for the positive thoughts, Cynthia, but unfortunately I haven't found a gym yet. December was crazy busy and we have been in our new place now for almost two weeks and trying to get a routine going. I'm finding it hard to get up early. Eliza has to catch the bus at 7:40 and she's a slow eater/dresser so mornings are rough.

However, amidst all that and the Holidays, I managed to maintain my weight! I am, nevertheless, noticing my body changing. Things aren't as firm as they were a few months ago.

My New Year's goal? Start something, again. Even if it's just at home. I sure miss the treadmill, though. Never thought I'd actually say that, but I do. :) Best of luck to you all and Happy New Year!