Friday, October 24, 2008


I want more energy! I want to feel good about my body. I don't want to be grossed out when I look in the mirror. I want my clothes to fit right. In fact, I want to wear the clothes I wore when I was skinny! I don't want to have rolls of chub a lub.
Pretty good motivation huh? Now I just need to go do something about it.
That said, Here I go to work out!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's a good thing we can look at our lives and change things we don't like. For example, my last week. I started out great, but as the week went on I became lazier and lazier. Even Friday, being home with a sick baby; I could have gone to the gym, but I kept myself busy with housework and laundry and getting our kitchen ready to paint.

So what do we (I) do? We resolve, on Sunday, that the next week will be better; we will do better. I need to check out that website that a reader suggested, I just haven't had time to sit down!! I can't wait until this internship is over and my life can get back to normal!! :)

Went to the gym this morning cuz I didn't go yesterday. I'm just pleased with myself that I didn't let myself go back to bed! :) Good luck this week, ladies!

Up one pound from last Monday. Could be worse.
Didn't do a food journal last week. Started yesterday.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Major bump in my road. I don't want to talk about it, but I have a major incentive for me to get much much heathier. I'll be continuing my journey of weight loss & healthier habits.
My weight is the same. I think... my scale broke. I'm waiting for my new one. *sigh*

Sunday, October 19, 2008


As if I didn’t have enough to motivate me (like being the heaviest I’ve been in my life) I now have an immediate goal to motivate me to loose weight. If you read my other blog, you know that my brother is getting married. They are planning some time at the end of December. So who wants to be the ‘Fat Sister’ at a wedding? Not ME!

The plan:
1. Eat less, and keep the food journal I was supposed to start last week. ;)
2. Run/walk every morning with Carter
3. Cut out the soda (this will be the hard one)
4. Work on the abs and arms.

The Goal:
Well, I don’t really care. As long as I do these things for the next few months, I will be better off then I am right now! And I’m going to reward myself with a cute new dress and shoes.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Today was a bad, bad day!
I ran errands all day. I did work out, but I didn't eat quite right. I will do better tomorrow!!!

Good and Bad

I'm down 1 lb from Friday!! And to think of the things I ate over the weekend...oi ve! It was as if my body knew that I was mentally thinking about a food journal and I ate everything I don't want to admit to having to write down. So I ate it all last weekend, and hopefully got it out of my system!! :)

Bad news first: I didn't go to the gym for 5 weeks!! In a row!!

Good news: I went to the gym this morning and ran 10 minutes out of my 30 min walk/run. That is huge for me. Plus, did upper body workout. ALSO>>> I weighed myself at the gym. They have a balance scale, so it's more accurate than a digital so I keep a mental track of those numbers and they're usually higher than home (because I have my clothes and shoes on).
And Today It Was... 10 lbs lighter than when I weighed myself 5 weeks ago!! :) Yeah!!

Now, two things are key here, even though I wasn't working out. I had been working out and must have kick started my metabolism. AND, I've cut way back on snacking and eating late at night. I go to bed earlier so I'm not tempted to munch. Plus, my job keeps me locked in a room for hours, so there's no walking by the break room and snacking (OK, not locked, but I don't wander as much).

So, tip for the week: PORTION CONTROL. Start with half of what you think you want. Eat slowly. If you're still hungry, drink more water. :)

Don't forget the food journal!!

Weigh in

I'm down .5 lb. Not much, but it's something. I did pretty good at working out, so so on eating. I'll do better this week!!! I'm also starting a food journal today!
Bobby is at a school this week, so I'm going to have to make sure I don't do the late night snacking thing. I think I'll just go to bed early. (I'm a night owl, so this will be different for me!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bumps In the Road

I don't know why I put that as the title. I guess because it's Friday and I have not been to the gym ONCE this week. Granted, I walk a lot at work during the day, but I was just getting into RUNNING and it was feeling great (sigh). Oh, well. We will be working on our kitchen remodel tomorrow, so that will get me up and down the stairs at least a hundred times, but Monday, gosh darn it, I will show up at the gym no later than 4:15 and do my workout! I'm even scared to weigh myself. :) I hate seeing those numbers go up.

Also, when we started this blog, I wanted to have either a food diary or a place to post food diaries as a way to motivate us all to keep track of what we eat. I've heard that's a great tool in weight loss success. So, girls, start writing things down. That's my goal for next week: gym x3 and food diary for 5 days.

Have a great and busy weekend! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sick Mama..

O.K. ladies, I’m posting, but only to say that I have had a crappy week, topped of by a huge migraine today that had me sick in bed all day, and throwing up. TMI? But Carter is determined to get me out of the house and resuming our jogging routine. Isn’t that sad when your son is trying to get you to work out with him? Oh, well, at least I have some one to run with, and I can’t use that as an excuse! So fingers crossed we will go in the morning, and I can post happier news soon.


Go Mama Go!

I'm down about 2 lbs since I last weighed myself a couple weeks ago. I did my workout today. I plan to workout 3-5 days a week. I'm upping my veggies & cutting out my late night snacking. We can do this!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

First Things First

Down 0.4 lbs from Friday morning, which means the weekend wasn't a waste. :) My goal is to go to the gym M-W-F mornings. I didn't get there this morning, so I have to go tomorrow. We got home late and L is sick with a cold, so I get to stay home with her today. :) Anyway, tomorrow it's back to the grindstone!

Tip: According to an article I read in the Reader's Digest (yup, that's what I said), people who weigh themselves every day loose weight more steadily than people who only weigh themselves once a week. Basically, you're keeping track more, and if you're weight is up even slightly then you tend to be more careful that day. Everyone has their own way to do things. I don't want to be obsessed with anything, so I just do it in the morning when I think about it. Works out to be about every other day or so, but always on Monday because then it gets me motivated for the week and to see the number go down by Friday. :)

Make sure you have a good quality scale so you can be sure you're getting accurate measurements. Good Luck this week!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


All who are interested are welcome to participate in transforming yourself into your vision of a "Hot Mama!" We will be posting weekly, or as often as necessary, in order to track our weight loss goals. We would love to hear your stories as we encourage and uplift each other. Best of Luck!!